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About our Services

Application Support
We are eager to learn your business application in order to support you better may it be proprietary or open source like Microsoft Office or Libre Office, Quickbooks or anything else you might be using. If you have support from a vendor for your product we are happy to call them and work out the issues you are experiencing.

Linux Services
We are supporting mainly Debian/Ubuntu based Linux distributions as well as CentOS or Suse if you use it on a Desktop or as a Server. We help you with setting up your device and configure services like Apache, MySQL, Bind 9, DHCP, Squid Proxy, Mail or FTP servers and much more.

Mac Services
The services for Mac is focused on the end user like Desktop, Laptop or Ipad. Supporting and troubleshooting end user problems with the device or accomplishing a certain task like accessing Windows file servers for example, as well as helping migration to a new device.

Windows Services
We offer services for our Windows users may it be on a Desktop computer or Server. If you need help setting up a new network and need help designing it for example, with a Domain Controller for centralized authentication and user management or add additional Servers or services to your existing network like File & Print Server, Web Server or entire server migrations.

Common Services
You suspect a Virus on your system? We are happy to help out with that. In order to give you the confidence that all viruses has been removed we use a series of tools not just a single tool alone. A three step procedure will be applied which included a common virus removal tool which removes most common threats and then followed by a malware scanner which scans for malware and removes it and last but not least we install anti-virus protection and run a full disc scan.
You are in need of new or additional Hardware or Software to increase productivity? We are looking forward meeting with and research possible solutions that fit your budget. You like to have your network checked for basic security needs? We will evaluate your network and provide you recommendation to enhance the security or your network.