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Junkware Removal Tool

I recommend that you use a different computer to download this tool because sometimes infected machines prohibit the download of Malware removal tools. Save it to an USB Memory Stick and transfer it to the infected machines.

Start your Web Browser and Google for Junkware Removal Tool and only download it from the website as shown in the screen-shot below. It’s the first link in the search results.


Now you should see something like in the Screen-shot below. Click on the blue box “Download Now @BleepingComputer”


Click on “Save File”


After the download is done start you Explorer by clicking on the icon shown below.


Navigate to your Downloads folder and double click on the JRT tool as shown below.


For Security purposes Windows asks you if you like to “Run” the downloaded Software. Click on “Run”


JRT starts up in a Command-line interface and is looking for updates


after looking for an update it’s displaying the disclaimer with you can accept by hitting any key


now it’s starts checking for Malware in categories displayed in the screen.


as soon as the scan is done it will remove all Malware found during the scan


The scan report will be generated and displayed to you to review.